Do you know who you’re climbing into bed with at a boudoir marathon?


Have you shared your sheets with strangers?

Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you have booked a boudoir marathon?

I’m guessing quite a few of you.

How many of you know if the sheets were changed, in-between clients?

Ew gross, right?

The next time you think about attending a boudoir marathon book the first time-slot, because if you wait till the end of the day, who knows how many other people have rolled around in the same set of sheets.

It’s a topic that isn’t widely talked about— if at all. A quick google search pulls up nothing about boudoir marathons and clean sheets.

This is a bigger issue than if you are offended by it. It's a question of women's hygiene.

When you book a hotel room, you expect clean sheets to be on the bed.

What if the hotel said, oh, the last person kept their underwear on, and were only in the sheets for 20 minutes? Would you be okay with that?

You expect there will be fresh, clean sheets on the bed, and you won’t have to share the same sheets with the last stranger who slept there. It should be the same for boudoir photography.

Would you walk into a doctors office, and sit on the examination bench without some comfort in knowing you were sitting on a clean, sanitized piece of paper?

What if the industry for hotels said they couldn’t afford clean sheets for each guest, or that they were doing the best they could? Would you again shrug it off?

January 12 has been booked.

January 12 has been booked.

My business ended up in hot water recently because of an advertising campaign, saying you wouldn't have to share dirty sheets.

One thing to take away from it? It worked.

My ad got my business noticed. It also got some people upset and defensive. Their priorities became clear, and they weren’t the client’s wellbeing.

The industry standard for a photographer should be no different than a hotel, and PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada) photographers agreed with this. Professional boudoir photographers I spoke to have several sets of clean robes they offer clients when they are getting ready. They have several sets of sheets when they book marathons. They take their client’s hygiene seriously.

As a premium boudoir experience photographer, I only offer one session per day for my boudoir clients.

Clients arrive for hair and makeup and are confident they are the only ones who have been using the sheets on my studio bed. Comforters, sheets, pillowcases, and blankets are all washed in between sessions. Furniture is steam cleaned and sprayed with sanitizer between each client.

This isn’t about putting down photographers. When I first started as a boudoir photographer, I used the same set of sheets for marathons. It never occurred to me to have several sets — but now I know better.

I am trying to educate women that they have the right to ask about the cleanliness of the sheets before they climb into bed with them.