How I ended up a Boudoir Photographer


Self Portrait

Boudoir is important, and as photographers we need to put ourselves in-front of the camera more often.

My first exposure to boudoir photography was when I was living in Athabasca. I was approached by a makeup artist who wanted to partner with a photographer for a Valentine’s Day boudoir marathon.

I thought it couldn’t be that hard — can it?

I was wrong! It is hard. But it was the beginning of my happily ever after with boudoir photography.

I remember the women coming to the sessions, they were self-conscious and nervous, but after getting their hair and makeup done, they started to feel bolder.

I would show these women some sneak peeks on the back of the camera, and they would all say “I can’t believe that is me.”

Now, this is a phrase I have heard other photographers get offended by, but I have learned to love it.

Women came to me feeling self-conscious and held to the highest beauty standards, I give them a chance to see how the rest of the world sees them — as beautiful, strong women.

They don’t say they can’t believe it’s them because as a photographer we made them look unlike themselves. My clients exclaimed they can’t believe I could capture them in such a way that they see THEMSELVES as beautiful.

Women always leave the session feeling empowered. So, instead of calling it boudoir, I call them empowerment sessions.

I want clients who WANT to do the session for themselves. They can always gift the images afterwards, but I want women who want to feel empowered and have something to gain from the session. I want a woman who wants to see themselves as the gorgeous woman they are. I want women who want a confidence boost a session provides.

I want to build other women up, and compete with the societal norm of tearing them down.

Women of all shapes and sizes deserve to know they are beautiful, inside and out.

My motto is Feel Fabulous About Everything While Wearing Next To Nothing. I create uniquely you sessions to include your hobbies, your dreams, your insecurities and create something just for you.

Although I grew up in a conservative family, I have learned that just because you show a little skin, doesn’t mean you are doing something extreme. You are just being you, in the only body you have.

It’s time to embrace your curves and book a female empowerment session.